How Much Money Does Supercell Make?

For a game developmer who by industry standards, been around for a while, Supercell has been extremely profitable. With hit games such as Hay Day, and Clash of Clans, it’s easy to see why. In fact, last year they reporte 2.3 billion dollars in new revenue. This brought their total profits generated to approximately $964 billion. More impressive is that this was reached with only 150 employees over a four game platform. If you do the math, this makes each of their employees worth approximately $5 million each. If you find yourself asking, “What are they doing over there to be that profitable?,” the answer is relatively simple. They listen to their players. And while the things requested of them for each of their games may not happen overnight, they do get them done. In Hay Day for example, players had been asking for new “machines” and products to make. In addition, they also wanted new things such as plants, trees, and animals. Supercell listened. And with thsir frequent updates, have rolled out most of what has been asked for thus far. In return, players are willing to spend their real world currency to purchase in game “currency.” For Hay Day, this is diamonds. In Clash of Clans, it happens to be gems. These items can start out at .99 usd for just a few of the selected stone, but can go as high as $100 usd. Curious what you do with these stones? Well, in game, there are often tasks that need completIng. For example, in Clash of Clans, its your town hall and defense buildings, as well as gold and elixir storages that often require upgrading. When you choose to complete these tasks, they can sometimes take up to 3-4 days. Now what if you don’t want to wait this long, and instead want to benefits now? That’s where your stones come into play. Although the number required varies from task to task, the result is the same. If you use the stones, you can speed up or even complete what you need done and continue on to the next goal. Now, with as many tasks as there are, and the amount of stones required for each, eventually you will run out. And while they often give you a few free stones here and there, its not frequent enough to amass a fortune in the game. So, what do you do? You buy the stones, and in the process, help drive Supercell, into being new billionaire. Now hadn’t it been for the Clash of Clans cheats out there, I think they’d make some extra money.

About the Author Ryan Lewis

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