What Language is Clash of Clans Programmed in?

Clash of Clans is an online game that many people enjoy. This game is more complicated than most people would think. Even for programmers some features of the game makes them stop and wonder. Many wonder what language is Clash of Clans programmed in The answer is rather complex.

The language that has been used to program Clash of Clans has not been officially released to fans. After expert programmers looked at the game they were finally able to determine what language it was written in. The language for this game is created by the language c++ and jave and objective- c. This game has 3D action so it is more complicated to program than the average computer game.

In addition to programming the game in this code the graphics on the game required additional programming. This game is also made using 3ds Max, Photoshop, as well as the Flash program. This will allow the game to have the 3D look that sets it apart from others.

Clash of Clans makes some of their models in other programs and then imports them into the game. The characters are made using a format that is called OpenGL. This will allow a person to make the characters just the way they want. Once the y are completed they can be imported into the gaming action and function with the rest of the game. The base language of the this game may be objective C but it can run in different languages as well. This game can be used by the Apple operating system as well as the Android system. The fact that Clash of Clans was programmed in these languages has also been what has opened the possibility for hacks like the Clash of Clans hack to be a possibility, from what I’ve heard.

Clash of Clans will allow a person to enjoy some of the best graphics online. This game is hard to program but many of the players feel that it was well worth the extra effort.

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