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Why You Should Join a Clan in Clash of Clans

The main objective for Clash of Clans, is to build the strongest defense possible for your village. This is done by using your resources to make all possible improvements to your village. If you find yourself running low on things like gold or elixir, don’t despai, you can always raid other villages for additional provisions. While it is possible to go the distance on your own, it tends to get boring after a time. For that reason, there are Clans you can join, or you can create your own. Every Clan is different, although they all share a common goal of helping each other. One of the greatest benefits of participating in a Clan, comes from additional troops. These are sent to you by players in the same Clan, and can help with defending your own village, or can be taken into battle against neighboring villages to improve your odds of obtaining total defeat. While it isn’t required that you request or deploy additional troops, it is a good idea to keep extra on hand for this purpose. Troop donation is similar to Karma….what you put out, will come back in multitude. This means that the more you are willing to donate and help your fellow clansmen, the more troops they are willing to donate when you are need. In the lower levels, the number of troops you can donate is 5 per single player, however, when you reach the higher levels, up to 8 can be donated. In your Clan, the chat box can also provide a great source of added fun. If you have chosen a Clan best suited to your needs, you will find that not only are tips and tricks for improving your village shared here via other players, but often, a familial bond is formed. In these situations, the conversation can often turn more personal, talking about your day, and how things are going for you/them. In Clans, you will normally find anywhere between 1-50 players. This can be beneficial for the weekly “wars” that take place. For example, if you participate in the war, and win, your top 10 players are rewarded, and the top 3 receive additional rewards. Quite the incentive to continue improving your village, and working your way to being the best. You are allowed to be in only one clan at a time, whether it is self created, or one you have joined. Fortunately, you can choose to leave a clan at anytime to another, but if you choose the right Clan, often you will find no reason to leave. Go find your Clan! ONWARD TO WORLD DOMINATION!!!

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Name's Ryan and I've been playing Clash of Clans almost non-stop for the past 4 years. I've loved it ever since I started playing it. Throughout the years I have achieved big things and collected a lot of game knowledge that I am here to blog about. Other than gaming I also like fishing and drinking great coffee.

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