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How to Find & Join a Clan in Clash of Clans

So, you’re new to Clash, and have finally leveled up enough to join a clan. Congratulations! Now the hard work begins. How do you find a clan, and once you have, how do you join it? At first this may seem like a daunting task, but, i promise, the hardest thing will be choosing your favorite from a long list of great groups.

Ok, so you’re looking at your screen and a notification appears saying “Rebuild Clan Castle” and that it requires 40,000 coins to complete the task. Well, if you want to create your own clan, wonderful! Click on the coin amount, and go about rebuilding your castle. Once it is completed, it will give you the option to name your Clan. However, if you’d rather join an established clan, sure to provide both encouragement and help, then just click on the red “x” in the top right corner.

Now that you’ve exited that notification, you’re probably sitting there wondering “Well, what now?” Lucky for you, you’re on your way to greatness. If you look on the left side of your screen, you should see an arrow about the middle of you left screen. Click on that. From here you will see a chat style box with two headings, “Global,” and “Clan” (we will come back to Clan in a few minutes). Now Global should be selected and show a white box for text. Here, you can enter that you are looking for a clan or whatever you choose to put. After this, it would be beneficial to check your game requests frequently, as other players may choose to friend you for additional help and support. Now, we will move on to the “Clan” tab. When you open this, it will give you a short message at the top, and a “join now” button at the bottom of the panel. When you click the button, another box will pop up, this time with tabs saying “My Profile,” “Create Clan,” “Join Clan,” and “Social.” Now, by default, the “Join Clan” tab should be selected. Now below “JOIN CLAN” you will see “search clans” and “bookmarks” this is for when you know the name of a clan you want to join or other clans you may have visited and liked before. Below search clans, you will find a list of clans and the number of members in each clan, as well as the amount of trophies each clan has. Usually the higher the number, the better clan. From here you can click on each one, and view their details, and if you would like, send a join request. From there, you simply wait for an approval, and continue defending your colony. Now if you want to be a dominator in your clan, you should look into a method we discovered that allows you to get free gems and coins.

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