The Fastest Way to Rank Up in Clash of Clans

After Clash of Clans was released by Supercell for iOS in 2012 and Android in 2013, the free app became a major hit with gaming fans. The main objective of this game is to fortify and defend your base and town from other players, who may take advantage of your resources by raiding your village. When a village gets raided, their resources are depleted and they must rebuild their wealth and strength.

This game became addicting to so many due to the nature of raids — if you’re online, you can see the raid coming and are able to defend your town. If you’re offline, your village is left wide open for attackers to break down your structures and steal all that’s inside your village. Many pro Clash of Clans players hold high levels, and it can be difficult finding ways to level up effectively when other players continue to ravage your village. The following explains how a Clash of Clans player can quickly and effectively rank up up.

Experience (XP) is obtained by completing different activities, whether that be building new structures, upgrading buildings, shops, and walls, completing assigned achievements, completing raids, among other things. XP is required to level up in Clash of Clans. A quick way to gain XP is by working inside the village, upgrading certain structures. The buildings that should be upgraded for more XP are the defense buildings, which protect your village from raids even while you’re away from the app. In order to upgrade these buildings, one needs saved resources that can acquired from your own mines and shops in the village, or by raiding another village for their resources.

However, upgrading a building can be tedious and takes time. In the long run, the upgraded building will function better and will produce even more resources. To expedite this process, one can use special gems to force the upgrade completion. Longer upgrade times will require more gems, but using them will help the player to gain XP and protect their village.

In the app, players have the option of joining a “clan” in which they can chat with other players, receive support in case of a raid, and most importantly can donate troops to. When you join a new clan, make sure to donate all of the troops you can. When troops are donated to clans, XP is gained. This process can be sped up even further by doing what is called “clan hopping”, where the player will join a clan, donate their troops for XP, and continue onto the next clan with the same idea. This allows the player to rapidly gain XP, moving them up in rank.

Another sure way to gain XP is by completing activities in the game. These include what is presented in the tutorial, such as upgrading a certain building, collecting goods that your village produces, or raiding a neighboring village. These achievements are easy to fly through, and make for quick XP. The player can pick with achievement they feel is worth doing based on the number of points that will be received upon the task’s completion. We’d like to mention that getting a lot of gems through a hack tool is also a great way to boost up your levelling.

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