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A Clash of Clans Hack For Gems That Actually Works!

We’ve finally found a working Clash of Clans hack! That was about time. After having tried over 15 different fake hacks we stopped believing in the fact that a gem hack for Clash of Clans was even possible. We thought that all of them were scams until yesterday when I decided to try

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I decided to check it out after a buddy of mine recommended it as it had worked for him. At first, I didn’t believe him at all and just thought he was playing me for a fool. But surprisingly it actually turned out to work. As you can see in the screenshot above I managed to generate 99,999 gems. Just looking at that number still makes me shiver to this day. You can generate more at a time, but I just wanted to be safe as I did not want to risk my account getting banned even though they claim that no users of their tool have been banned.

How To Get Free Gems With Their Clash of Clans Hack

  1. Go to
  2. Go to their online generator
  3. Write your username
  4. Select your gaming platform
  5. Select how many gems and coins you want
  6. Generate them

The generator will then try to verify that you are not a robot. For some users, it will automatically verify you as a human, whereas for some you may have to complete a test to verify that you are human. I asked them why they had to do this human verification test, and they told me that “We have to do the human verification tests, otherwise our tools would be swarmed and crashed by bots, sadly”. His reasoning seems fair enough, and I didn’t really mind completing a 1-minute test in return for 99,999 gems. I gradually got my gems over 1 hour after the generation had gone through on their website which was really nice as it made me feel a lot more safe from bans if that was to ever happen. Now what I really like about the guys at The COC Hack is that they care so much about the safety of their users. Here are some of the features that I really liked that they supplied.

Go To Their Working Generator

The Features That We Liked about their Clash of Clans Cheats

  • It Works – We’ve tried over 20 different Clash of Clans cheats, and this was the only one of them that actually worked, which certainly is important for a Clash of Clans hack tool.
  • Speed – The process of generating gems and coins for my Clash of Clans account was surprisingly fast. Only took me around 2-3 minutes in total, and then the gems started rolling in on my account.
  • Device Safety – They host their generator online on their own website which is convenient and safe for us. Because it’s hosted online we don’t have to install the generator on our computer which means that there’s virtually no risk for getting malware from them in any way. In that way, it’s 100% safe.
  • Account Safety – They have some great statistics. According to them, no one has been banned from using their tool. And they’ve supposedly been helping people for months and have had over 10.000 daily users from what I’ve heard. I’ve also heard that some of my friends have been using this tool for months without any problems or bans for that matter. It’s also been 2 months since I used this tool on my main account, and there’s been absolutely no problems with bans. I guess this is all thanks to their so called anti-ban and encryption methods.
  • The Design – it’s one of the easier online generators to use. Everything is just so simple to do which results in a hassle-free experience. Their generator and graphics are also well designed in my honest opinion.

Room For Improvement

The fact that this tool actually does what it says and gives you free Clash of Clans gems is fantastic, but there are still some things that The COC Hack could improve. For example, it does get a bit annoying with their human verification tests. I’ve seen that Google has released a much smarter solution, but I am not sure why these guys haven’t implemented that instead.

The website can also be a bit slow at times. Sometimes it even crashes during peak hours, but I guess that’s because of the growing popularity of the tool.

Please Keep This COC Gem Hack Private

Initially we weren’t much for sharing this with our readers but eventually did it after a few months as we felt like we wanted to give something back to the Clash of Clans community. We just have one favor to ask you from you guys, and that is that you don’t share it with too many people. We both have an interest in keeping these COC cheats under the radar so that Supercell doesn’t catch up with it and ends up fixing it. So please, feel free to use it. But don’t just tell everyone about this tool as the competitive advantage that you get with gems falls to the ground if everyone has unlimited gems.

Go To Their Working Generator

Will This Hack Be Patched at Some Point?

We can’t say for sure. We know that the developer team is working really hard to maintain a tool that works. However, it’s no secret that more and more people discover this generator. And it probably won’t be a few more months till Supercell also get their eyes on it. It’s going to be interesting though to see if the Clash of Clans hack tool will still stay up for years. In the past, there have been cases of hacks for other games that kept working for years even though the game developers did everything in their power to try and patch it. Let’s hope it turns out the same way this time!

Thank You For Reading

Thank you very much for reading this blog post. It’s one of the blog posts that I have put most work into, and it’s also one that I’m proud of. For that reason, it means a lot to me that you have read this post, and I hope that you appreciate it and that you will enjoy the tool.

Look forward to my upcoming blog posts in the near future, as I have some big things underway.

A Clash of Clans Hack For Gems That Actually Works!
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