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How Was Clash of Clans Made?

Clash of Clans is a mobile game app, created by developer Supercell. It’s initial launch was on the Apple Store in October of 2012, and followed in October of the following year for Android markets.

The main goal of the game is to build and protect your fantasy “colony.” To assist in doing so, you collect “gold,” and several forms of “elixirs”, while also training your “troops” for both offense and defense. Like most mobile games, the objective was to create an addictive and profitable game. This was achieved using an easy to use player interface, and servers capable of handling maximum player traffic.

For Supercell, this involved Objective-C, which is described as being “a general purpose, object oriented programming language,” which was developed by Tom Love and Brad Cox, circa 1984. In addition, they also used C++, yet another version of programming language that is also classified as being “general purpose.” C++ is marketed as having “imperative, object oriented and generic programming features, while also providing facilities for low level memory manipulation.”

As for graphics, Supercell opted to use a combination of programs beginning with 3ds Max, which aides in modeling and creating larger in game worlds. In addition, they used Photoshop. Now, these days, photoshop is fairly “widely known” for being used to cover imperfections in photographs used in the magazine and regular citizen worlds. Bit, its also a great program to use for creating “mock ups” so that you can see how your material will look prior to launching it.

Finally, all of this was pieced together like an intricate puzzle and launched on server code Java. Many of you may remember Java from the late 90’s to early 00’s when it was used for the ever popular Yahoo! games and chat rooms. Java is also a programming language, and is known for being reliable, secure, and fast.

When all this is combined, you get Clash of Clans….a “Clan” favorite. Now if you’re looking to experience Clash of Clans even more we highly recommend that you do it in conjunction with these Clash of Clans cheats that we discovered.

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