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Why Clash of Clans Has Become So Popular

When I first started writing this article, I thought to myself, that Clash of Clans became popular by sheer dumb luck. What I didn’t realize, was the amount of work it actually took to get it where it is today. You see, when a game developer launches a new game, all they can really hope for is it to become “viral” and result in a profit from ‘in game purchases.’ And while this did happen for Supercell, it took some pretty magnificent work on their part. Now, I consider myself to be a pretty casual player. Between work and family, I rarely have down time. But, some how, I still manage to find myself drawn back to the game, anytime I can steal away for a few minutes. And that’s part of the appeal….it’s addictive! No doubt about it. One of the lures to Clash of Clans, is the time restraint. For a battle (raid in game) you only have 3 minutes to take down the opposing players village. This includes 30 seconds of recog time, so that you can scope the base and find your best point of advantage. Once the raid begins, there is little you can do, except hope that your strategy works. In the end, you get to reap the rewards if you are successful. When you participate in a raid not only do you find your own troops strengths and weaknesses, but you also have the joy of knowing you took over a base and collected all their loot. What’s not fun about that? Now another thing for me personally is trophies! I’m all about them. I can feel like a I’m on a Pokémon quest…. I want them all! And when you win a raid, you gain new ones. However, when you lose, you lose trophies. This factors in several things, was the opponent higher level or lower for one. Another contributing factor, is that it was a free game. Players everywhere tend to enjoy good quality, easy to operate, free games. Another is your ability to join a Clan, and effectively a new “family.” I say this because you can only talk about the game so much before everyone starts sharing about themselves. And before you know it, you have friends all over the world.

About the Author Ryan Lewis

Name's Ryan and I've been playing Clash of Clans almost non-stop for the past 4 years. I've loved it ever since I started playing it. Throughout the years I have achieved big things and collected a lot of game knowledge that I am here to blog about. Other than gaming I also like fishing and drinking great coffee.

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